Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I kissed a girl and I liked it...

Her lips, skin...so soft, inviting, she smelled so pretty. That's all I could think about the first time she kissed me. Yes, we had a few drinks, but only a few. This wasn't your typical "drunk girls kissing" scene. Her boyfriend simply said he loved the scent of my orange lip gloss and wondered if it tasted as good. I nodded yes, and he said he'd kiss me, but that his new gf was standing behind him. I laughed as he yelled her name over the noise of the conversation and music in the bar. As she turned he said, "Hey babe, kiss her and tell me how her lip gloss tastes."

She watched as I traced the lip gloss tube over my lips. She walked to stand in front of me and put her hands on my face. Our lips barely touching at first - a shy, tentative kiss. At the same time as if scripted, out lips parted and our tongues touched. We kissed for a few seconds, then realizing our surroundings, we stopped and giggled. She smiled at her bf, licked her lips, and confirmed that the lip gloss did taste great and asked if she could try it again.

She again put her hands on my face, pulling me to her and instantly her tongue found mine. I slid one hand over her hip,as the other hand tangled in her hair at the base of her neck. Soft lips against soft lips, a sweet orange taste. Our kiss intensified, as her hands went to my hair, our bodies touching, tongues testing, teasing. I was totally, completely lost for what felt like an eternity. Kissing a girl is so different...so soft, so sensual, so sweet.

We finally parted, breathless and flushed. Her bf, as well as another friend of ours was sitting there...eyes wide, mouths open. She leans to me and giggles, "I've never kissed a girl before." I reply, "I have...but not quite like that."

After a few more drinks we all decide to go to her boyfriend's house. Once we got there, she and I sat in the kitchen talking, as the guys were playing and discussing music. She stood to get me another drink, and as she handed me the drink, she leaned over, rubbing my shoulders. I moaned softly, and she said my shoulders were tense. She continued rubbing my shoulders, then had me lean forward as she worked her hands down my back, and back up again. As she got to my neck, her fingers worked their way around my neck, and I shuddered as my neck is very sensitive. I swore I heard her sigh. She brushed my hair aside, and used her fingertips on the top of my spine and neck. She was so close to me I could feel her breath on my neck...and I could feel my nipples harden. Like magic I relaxed and became putty in her hands, until I felt her lips on my neck. I almost jumped, not expecting this, as I turned my head and her lips found mine.

I stood, and we sidestepped to the back of the kitchen as our kiss continued. She backed me against the wall and leaned in, her hands sliding over my thighs, over my hips, up my side. Barely brushing against the sides of my breasts. My hands slid down her back, lower and lower until my hands were on her ass. She softly kissed along my jaw line, down my neck, across my collar bone and back to my lips as she softly sucked my tongue into her mouth. I flipped her hair over her shoulder, and we both giggled as we both had long hair and it kept getting in the way. I leaned down, placing soft kisses down her neck, then softly nibbling. I heard her moan and felt her body press against mine.

I turned her around, facing the wall and placed her hands over her head on the wall. She was slightly leaning against the wall, as I leaned in and again softly sucked and gently bit her neck. She pressed her ass back against me, and while keeping one hand on the wall, she reached back with her other hand sliding it along the outer, then inner side of my thigh. I ran my hands up her back, rubbing her neck, and rubbing down her back until my hands were on her hips. She backed against me, reached around with her hand and leaning back, she again kissed me.

She broke the kiss and turned to face me, our kisses deep, frenzied, passionate. Both of us softly moaning...almost in frustration. Both of us wanting more, yet tentative in our actions. She gently backed me into the fridge, and bringing her hands up to my chest, she grinned at me and said she had been wanting to do this...as she squeezed my breasts together. She leaned down, licking over one breast, up my cleavage to my neck and kissed me again.

Just then we heard something, and turned to look only to find the two guys staring, unable to believe what they were seeing. Unsure how long they had been standing there, we both blushed a bit and giggled. "So, how is the music going in there?" I asked. "Apparently not as well as things are going in here," her boyfriend replied, barely able to talk.

She grinned at me as we each grabbed another beer and walked into the den. "I've never done anything like that," she whispers. "Me either," I said as the guys followed us into the other room. Little did I know this wouldn't be the last time for either of us.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Unfinished Business

"It's been awhile," I say as I slide over on the limo seat and the driver shuts the door. He looks at me and smiles, that boyish smile hasn't changed a bit, and agrees. "You look even better than you did that day," he blurts...then blushes. It's now my turn to smile as I sit back and smooth the skirt to my favorite navy blue suit. "I know," I grin and we both relax as we laugh.

"This would be the last place I thought I'd run into you after five years," I state as I look at him. He has a few wrinkles around his eyes, but he still looks the same, with that mischievous twinkle to his eye. "I knew you'd be here. I saw your name listed as one of the award recipients on my company's benefit invitation," he says, "that's why I was waiting for you as you left the award ceremony."

"Oh," I say surprised, unaware that he was probably watching me the entire time during the ceremony. "You've switched companies?" I ask. "Yes," he answers, "a few years ago, and I have moved as well." "Me too," I say as I nod my head, turning to look out the window as the driver expertly weaves the car through the parking lot, down the street and onto the expressway. I'm still amazed. As I was leaving the ceremony I heard someone say my name and a touch on my arm. I was speechless when I turned only to find him standing there, smartly dressed in a dark blue suit. After a few minutes I had agreed to have dinner, and now here I was on my way to the restaurant.

Suddenly the driver swerves, and I am thrown off balance and slide across the leather seat. I feel his hand on my arm, preventing me from sliding off the seat. We hear the driver offer an apology, mumbling something about kids, but neither of us is paying attention. All I am aware of is his hand on my arm. I look up as I begin to apologize for sliding into him, when his stare stops me speechless. He is looking into my eyes, and his other hand reaches over brushing a strand of hair from my cheek, asking if I'm ok. "No," I say breathless, as the palm of his hand cups my cheek and he leans into me. For a brief second he looks at me, then leans in, his lips claiming mine. Not soft and gentle as the first time he kissed me, but bruising, possessive. His hand slides back, over the base of my neck, his fingers locked in my hair, holding me to him. I can barely breathe, my heart is racing. I feel his tongue, searching for mine, teasing, dancing.

The car bounces, and I pull back remembering the driver. With his voice soft and husky, he instructs the driver, "keep driving," then adds, "I have unfinished business" and closes the privacy window between the front and rear of the car. He pulls me to him, kissing along my jaw, softly kissing, nibbling my neck. A soft moan escapes my throat, as his lips find mine again,this time covering my lips in soft, gentle kisses. He runs his hand up my thigh, under my jacket, softly rubbing my lower back. He slides his hand back down, along my leg, pulling my legs over his lap. I watch as he removes each of my heels, and pulls me to him as my hand pulls at his tie, loosening it. I feel his hand slide under my skirt, his fingers pressing against my outer thigh as he slides higher, then moving to my inner thigh and moving towards my knee.

I squirm under his touch and it suddenly feels very warm in the car. I pull at my jacket, as he helps me remove it and I toss it aside. I slide my legs off his lap, taking off his tie and jacket and adding it to the pile of clothes on the other seat. I lean into him, kissing him, pressing him against the back of the seat. In one movement I am straddling him, my skirt hiked up as my thighs press against his. Taking my hands in his, he puts them behind my back at my waist and pulls me to him. I kiss him again. Our tongues teasing, my body pressing against his.

He releases my hands as he tugs at my blouse, and I fumble at the buttons until it's added to the pile. He traces along my collarbone with his fingertip, across the top of my cleavage, to my other shoulder. My eyes close, and I arch my back as he leans down and I feel his tongue follow the invisible burning line his finger left. My hands snake behind his head, fingernails pressing against his neck. He tugs at my bra strap with his teeth, and I slip out of one side as he tugs at the other side. He reaches around, deftly undoing the back strap, and my bra drops to the floor.

Suddenly I am on my back and he is leaning over me, kissing my neck, lips, collar bone. A burning trail of kisses left down my chest until he captures my nipple in his mouth, and I again moan. I am tugging at his shirt. Wanting, needing to feel him. He breaks away long enough to undo a few buttons then pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it aside. He is again over me, his hand sliding to my bottom, my skirt is around my waist and he tugs at my panties until they too are on the floor. He leans down, pulling my thigh over his until my legs are wrapped around him. He presses into me, I can feel him now. I move my hips, pressing into him and I hear him groan near my ear.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time," he whispers. I can't talk, all I can do is pull his mouth to mine with another deep, intense bruising kiss. I push him back and undo his belt as he leans back, sitting on his seat to slide out of his slacks. He runs one hand along my leg, up the inside of my thigh until his fingers are barely touching me. Anticipating his touch I softly gasp, waiting...until I finally feel his touch. A guttural moan surprises me as he leans over me again, kissing me as his fingers skillfully play. My hips begin to move with his fingers, and he again captures one nipple in his mouth, gently nibbling, tugging. My hand goes to his head, running my fingers through his hair. Breathing heavy, gasping for air I can feel my body respond as I feel my legs begin to shake. With one more stroke from his fingers I am quivering and whimpering beneath him.

He looks down at me, his eyes smoldering. I kiss him again, pulling him to me. I wrap my legs around him, and feel his desire. Looking into my eyes, he pushes into me, slowly. My legs tighten around him, holding him to me. He kisses me, each kiss's intensity building with each stroke. Hard, strong, demanding...he has finally claimed me. My body responds to him and my movements meet his. My hips in tune with his, my body meeting his demands. I feel him deep inside me, soft moans becoming louder.

He reaches for my arms, extending them over my head he leans down on me, nipping at my neck. He slides his hands down my arms, entwining his fingers in my hair, pulling my head to him. He kisses me one more time, his lips pressing against mine, me softly nibbling at his lower lip. He suddenly pulls back, his hands on my hips, trying to control my movements as he slows his movements. "No," I whimper, and pull him back to me. He thrusts deep into me, and on the third I feel that sweet release again, clenching tight around him. I feel him shudder, hear a deep moan as I feel his release. I feel his body heavy on mine as he relaxes, then slides against the back of the seat. He wraps me in his arms, nuzzling my neck, and I hear him sigh. I rest my head on his arm, and let out my own sigh.

"So, dinner tonight?" he asks. "Sure," I say, as he wraps his arms tighter around me. I can hear him grin as he whispers, "and you're dinner." I laugh and say, "And my dear, you'll be dessert."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Gift

I bump the door shut with my hip, as I kick off my black heels and drop my briefcase and keys on the counter. I walk into the living room carrying today's mail, heading towards my chocolate brown leather couch, taking a seat and curling my legs beneath me. Noticing a brown package, I toss the mail aside, ripping at the taped package, not recalling having ordered anything. Finally, I get the package open and pull out a sealed plastic package and a slow grin spreads across my lips as recognition twinkles in my eyes. It's a red jackrabbit vibrator. I glance at the enclosed invoice, immediately recognizing the address under the billing information. It's him...my lover, friend, teacher, the one who can turn me into a quivering puddle with just his voice. I jump up, grabbing a knife to open the damn plastic, it doesn't open easily. I giggle at the thought in my head, a damn squirrel trying to get the nut out of the shell. Finally, I am able to open the plastic apart, pulling the vibe out. I hold it at the base, looking at the controls. I turn it over in my hand, the smooth rubbery feeling, the soft rabbit ears that will vibrate. Vibrate...yes...I need batteries! I look in the desk drawer and find two AA's, I need one more. The TV remote! I open the case, grinning as I rob the battery to slide into the last spot in the vibrator's case, the cover clicking into place as I close it.

I stare at it for a second, then slide my thumb over the controls. I press it on, the shaft begins rotating, the beads spinning, I can hear it. I press again and again, each time it moves faster...then I press the other button, turning on the vibrating bunny ears. Knowing I'm ready for this, I turn it off and head to the bedroom.

Tossing the vibrator on the bed, I pull down my panties, leaving them on the floor. I crawl over the bed, settling in and leaning back against the propped up pillows. I close my eyes and slide my right hand down over my blouse, my nipples are already hard in anticipation. I can remember the whisper of his voice, the huskiness, I can remember his touch, gentle yet demanding. I unbutton my blouse, and with one finger tease a nipple. I'm warm, hell I'm hot already. I slide my hand down over my skirt, hiking it up, as my fingers slide between my legs...I'm already wet.

I slide one finger over my clit, sliding it lower, then back up again. My finger's wet, very wet, and glides over my swollen, sensitive clit. I move my finger in slow, deliberate circles, imagining his tongue.

I reach for my new toy, and spreading my legs, I slide it in, slowly, then back out, teasing myself...then all the way in. The ears are already pressing against my clit, teasing. My fingers slide to the controls, pressing it on. This time the ears begin to vibrate. With each press of my thumb, it goes faster. I am softly moaning, arching my back slightly. I hold the vibe in place, against my clit...then begin to slide it in and out, as I turn on the shaft, faster and faster. My left hand reaches for my nipple, pinching, squeezing...harder.

I can feel my excitement building, I'm moaning louder, I can feel how wet I am. I press the vibe to my body, my hips arching, grinding against it. I can feel my entire body tense, I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum HARD. Moaning, my entire body braces, then wilts as an orgasm takes over my body. Quivering, shuddering, moaning...I have to remove the toy and turn it off. I'm so sensitive I can't handle the intensity of the vibrations. I lay there, still twitching from the intensity of the orgasm.

Still shuddering, still panting, I reach for the phone and dial his number. I can tell he answers with a grin as he chuckles and says, "Hello." All I say in a soft, deep, breathy voice is..."Thank you."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moonlit Midnight

You come home very late after a very long day at work and jump into the shower. Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around your waist, you start talking and realize I'm not inside the house. You look for me, and find me outside. It's after midnight, the moon is full, all the stars are out...perfect night to be outdoors. I'm sitting on the steps, and you come over to me and sit beside me with your arm around me. I sigh and rest my head on your shoulder, as my hand slides down your chest to your lap.
Your fingers start teasing the skin on my shoulder and neck as my hand pulls away your towel. I lean up and kiss you, licking and sucking on your lip. Your hand slides down the front of my shirt, finding my already hard nipple, you trace it with your fingertips, causing me to shiver. I look at you, staring into your eyes as my hand finds you already hard. I pull your other hand to my face, kissing your fingertips, then slowly sliding one finger into my mouth, licking and softly sucking it further in...watching the look on your face.
I lean down as you lean back and trace the head of your cock with my tongue, feeling you flinch. I feel your hands in my hair and I softly moan. After taking you a bit further into my mouth, my tongue swirls around you slowly, up and down and back and forth.
I sit up...deciding I want you to stand. I take your hand, as the towel drops to the deck floor. I grab it and lead you to the side of the house, leaning you against it, I drop the towel and kneel in front of you. Looking up at you, our eyes lock as I take you into my mouth again, sliding you in the entire way, you feel the back of my throat and then my tongue on you. One hand slides around to your ass, pulling you to me as my other hand softly massages your balls. My mouth works up and down on you, licking and sucking...taking you almost the entire way out, licking around then taking you in the whole way again. It feels as if you are getting harder and harder the more I lick. I am becoming more and more excited, my breathing and heart racing knowing I'm pleasing and exciting you. I feel myself become more and more wet.
The tip of my tongue traces from bottom to top and back down again. My lips sliding up and down, then my tongue flat pressing against you. I hear you almost growl, and feel your hands tighten on my shoulder, fingers curled in my hair. I can feel you getting closer, feeling you throb in my mouth against my tongue. I hear your breath quicken...I hear you barely utter "I'm coming" as I feel it rising up you and hitting hard against the back of my throat. I swallow and my tongue continues to tease you, as you shudder, using the wall and me for support.

As I stand, you pull me to you and kiss me deeply. I pull away and grab your hand pulling you to the door. I turn and wink as we enter the house and you know I'm not done with you yet.

The Office

You are startled as you hear your office door slam shut. You look up, ready to begin battle with your intruder when your frown turns into a grin. I giggle as I saunter over to your desk, wearing only a sundress and carrying a little bag. As your eyes travel down past my eyes to my chest, you immediately notice I am not wearing a bra and you unconsciously lick your lips. I suppress a grin as I watch you try to tear your eyes from my chest as I bend slightly and drop the bag on your desk. I walk around the desk as you push your chair back. Without saying a word, I push you back in your chair and straddle your lap. You look up, a questioning, surprised look on your face and I just wink. I lean down, nibbling on your ear, then the side of your neck. I feel your hands slide up my legs, past my thighs over the top of my dress over my ass and up my back. You lean down, face in my cleavage as you squeeze me against you, inhaling the scent of my skin. I feel your hands slide back down my back, over my ass, down my thighs, then slide under my dress. Your hands slide over my ass and I hear you groan as you realize I'm not wearing any panties either. I lean back as you lean in, capturing one of my already hard nipples in your mouth. I feel your warm wet mouth thru the thin cotton material of my dress and I softly moan and grind against you. Feeling your excitement my moan becomes louder. You reach up and unbutton a few buttons on the front of my dress and lean in, sucking on one nipple, then the other. I continue grinding against you, knowing that I'm already moist and it's rubbing against the hardness through your jeans. I feel your hands on my ass, rubbing, kneading, pressing me against you. Unable to take it anymore, I slide off your lap, and lean down, undoing your zipper. I kneel in front of you, stroking the length of you with my hand. I reach behind me and grab something which you don't see, I tell you to lean back and close your eyes. The next thing you know, I tie a silk scarf around your eyes, and you can't see. Then you feel something cool and creamy on your hard cock and you groan. Then when you feel my mouth on you, you actually shudder. My lips and tongue are wrapped around you like a second skin, as my mouth slides down the length of you. Moving up and down, I feel your hand on my head, softly playing with my hair. I then hold you at the base of your cock, and lick you from top to bottom, then back up again. I stand up and lean forward kissing you, as you taste cream cheese frosting on my mouth, suddenly remembering the conversation we had about frosting. I again straddle you, this time over you and you slide right into me as I'm already wet. Surprised, you groan loudly, your hands reaching for my ass. I reach up and untie the scarf and it drops to the floor. Your eyes focus on my evil grin and you then thrust up with your hips. We grind against one another, one hand on my ass, the other bringing a nipple to your mouth as you suck on it. Your hard cock sliding in and out as I slide up and down on you, feeling how very hard you are. You tell me how wet I am and how good it feels. My moans get louder as do yours, I can feel you so deep inside of me. You tell me you are close, and that you don't want to finish yet, but I don't let you stop, and I ride you hard, begging you to fuck me harder. Arching my back I feel your hips thrust up and I feel you deep inside of me. Tightening around you, I hear you groan, and feel as you finish deep inside of me. After a moment, you stand me up and lean me back against the desk and begin kissing me, as your hands slide between my legs and feel how hot and wet I am. Suddenly you lean me back farther and kneel in front of me. I lean back, bracing myself against the desk and you move my legs over your shoulders. I feel your hot breath just as I feel your tongue on me. I moan loudly, squirming instantly. Your tongue feels amazing and I am so turned on. I feel you lick from bottom up to my clit, then feel you spread my lower lips and lick some more. I hear you softly moaning. I beg you to kiss me. You stand again, leaning in to kiss me. I taste a mix of you, me, and cream cheese frosting...mmm. Needing to feel your tongue and desperately needing a release, I gently push you back down again. I lean back, and again feel your tongue and fingers on me. As I lean back I can hear some paper and pens hit the floor, but I beg you to not stop. I feel your tongue teasing me, and I moan louder as my entire body shudders and my legs tighten around you. My hand goes to the back of your head, holding you there, grinding my wetness on your face, needing to cum again. Before long, I cum again, just as hard...my entire body is on fire. Again, you stand up and lean in to kiss me...what a mixture of tastes. I wink at you and whisper to just wait, that was just the beginning and I had other tricks in my bag...

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Shower

Mmm shower time...getting in under the hot water, my eyes closed, back to the shower head, water wetting my hair, my back, running my hands thru my hair, water trickling down my shoulders, my arms...between my breasts, down my breasts and running off the ends of each nipple. I turn and face the water and feel you behind me, your warm body pressing against mine, your arms wrap around me, my arms wrap around yours...I rest my head on your shoulder eyes closed, I feel your breath on my neck, on my ear...I feel my heartbeat quicken, my chest rises and falls and I feel your lips on my neck, a soft moan escapes my mouth...
The steam rises as our body heat rises, my throaty moans blending in with the sounds of the shower. I feel your arms release a bit as your hands slide down my arms, reaching for the soap. You run the soap across my shoulders, down one arm, then the next, you run the soap across my upper chest, between my breasts and to my side...then up my back. Putting the soap down you caress my shoulders, massaging my shoulders and back...I lean my head forward a bit, as I do, pressing my ass more firmly against you. I can feel your excitement growing.
I feel your arms around me again, leaning back, pressing your chest to my back...I feel you playfully nibble on my earlobe, I giggle and I hear your pleasure at my giggle with your slight moan. With one arm around me, your other hand slides along my soapy skin, teasing one nipple...then the other. My moans becoming a bit louder, I lean my head back to kiss you...feeling your tongue teasing mine, my lips on yours. I instantly know how excited you are as I feel you pressing into me as I lean into you. I slide one hand across my chest...across your fingers and my nipples...my hand soapy I slide it behind me, between our bodies. Excitedly I wrap my hand around you, my soapy hand easily sliding up and down your hardness. I shudder; my body's excitement growing as I feel your hand slide between my legs...you can feel my inner heat and wetness. My legs weaken, as I feel you touch and tease me...my excitement uncontrollable. I feel you pressing into me...my hand moving faster...you whispering how close you are in my ear...as I barely breathe out the same words. My body trembles as I feel waves and waves of pleasure wash over me...as I feel your body tense....then your release...feeling you throb, feeling the hotness of you spurting against my ass.
My tensed body relaxes, and I turn to collapse in your arms as you lean back against the back of the shower. My legs entwined in yours, the hot water washing the remains of you from my backside as your hands roam from my back down to my ass. My cheek against your chest, feeling our hearts beat fast together, the steam rising up around us. I feel your arms squeeze me tight to you, as my arms wrap tightly around you. Your hand travels up my arm to my chin, lifting my face to yours. Looking into your eyes, you lean down, gently covering my face with kisses. My hands slide up your chest, up your neck, into your hair, pulling you to me. My eyes close, and my mouth searches for yours, our lips meet...our tongues touch, setting off another fire deep inside. I moan, pressing against you. Our lips and tongues dance and tease one another...as our hands caress each other's skin. You break the kiss and back me under the water, my head back as you tell me you are going to wash my hair. Your eyes never leave mine as you reach for the shampoo, making a rich lather in my hair, massaging, caressing. You gently rinse my hair. I am feeling so warm...so comfortable...so relaxed. You put shampoo in your hair, and I reach up, massaging your scalp, my fingers entwined with yours. You lean forward and rinse your hair, the soapy water running down across my body and yours.
I turn the water off and reach for towels, handing you yours, I wrap one towel around my hair. As I begin to dry myself off, you wrap the towel around your waist and take the towel from me and begin to dry me off as you place soft kisses over my body. I grab my robe and put it on as I take your hand and you lead me into the bedroom, where there is champagne and candles.
You hand me a glass, as you take one. We both take a sip, and then lean in for a kiss...mmm...both tasting so sweet. We drink a little more as we curl up on the bed against the pillows, just sighing and snuggling. Your arm around me, rubbing against my arm, slowly moves in and slides into my robe. I sigh...anticipating your touch...wanting...needing your touch. My hand slides to your lap, gently massaging your leg. We sip on our champagne, finishing it and you get up to pour more. You kneel on the bed, handing me my glass. I take a sip and look at you over the glass...your eyes on fire looking at me. You lean in hungrily for a kiss, your lips taking mine, bruising, demanding. You lean down...kissing, licking, sucking on my neck, as my moans get louder. You put down your glass, I'm still holding mine as you nuzzle my neck...sliding further down into my robe. I feel your hot breath between my breasts, my chest rising and falling with each breath. My eyes closed, as I feel you untie my robe, and slide it away from my chest. I feel your fingers on me...you lips kissing my chest, your lips wrapped around one nipple, nibbling, sucking, and licking...one then the other. I feel you reach for my glass and I release my fingers. Suddenly I feel chilled champagne trickling down my chest, across my breasts. I jump and hear your laughter, then I moan as I feel you licking up my chest...mmm....then you kiss me passionately.
You push the robe the rest of the way open, as you slide down my body...kissing and licking here and there. I watch you as you occasionally look up...I can see the candles flickering and see the passion in your eyes. I feel your soft lips on my thighs...kissing higher. The glass is still in your hand as I watch you lean in; I feel your tongue on my soft smooth skin as I gasp...the feeling is so good. I watch as you pour champagne, then I squirm as you lick it up. You spread my legs further, as you spread me a bit with your fingers; pouring more champagne on me...in me...I squirm, from the cold...then from your hot tongue. I squirm as I feel you licking and sucking the champagne from me. My body is on fire, my insides so hot and wet. I feel your fingers teasing me...feeling you slide one inside of me as I feel your tongue on my clit, sucking and teasing and licking. My body shakes and I feel a shudder from my toes to my head as I feel the rising and then the release. My legs tighten around you, my hand gripping your hair. I pull you up to me...wanting to taste your lips. We kiss...tasting myself mixed with the champagne.
I push you back and begin kissing and sucking on your neck, licking my way down. I feel you already hard, pressing against my body as I slide down on you. You feel my breasts wrapped around you as I lean down, licking at the head of you. I reach for the champagne glass, and pour a tiny bit between my breasts and on your hardness. Then I lean down, licking you. I slide further down, taking you in my hand, licking up your thigh, your balls, then up the length of you. Guiding you into my mouth, I feel your hand in my hair. My lips wrap around you, my tongue teasing you. I can feel how hard you are. One hand at the base of you, I lick and suck, sliding my lips up and down on you. I can hear your moan...feel how hard you are. My excitement rises as does yours. I can feel you throbbing in my mouth, as I slide you to the back of my throat. I feel your hand on my head as your hips rise to meet my mouth. I can feel your excitement increasing...I feel you get harder, hear your moans becoming more intense. I suck harder, stroking harder…wanting to taste you. Just then I feel your release...feel it throbbing up through you, feel it hitting the back of my throat. You are barely finished when I feel you pull me up to you. I feel your lips on mine...both our tastes mixing with the champagne...mmm. I collapse beside you, shuddering as I feel your arms wrapped around me, my legs wrapped around yours. I sigh, as I drift off to sleep in your arms, warm and satisfied.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Surprise

“Chad’s going to be so surprised,” Meg says to herself as she walks, almost skips down the hall, looking for room number 714. It’s a hot August afternoon in Chicago and she’s looking for her boyfriend’s room. This is the last day of his business trip and on the spur of the moment, she decided to fly into the city to take his mind off his busy work week, and to relieve some pent-up frustrations for both of them.

She finds room 714, swipes the keycard and lets herself into the room, a Jacuzzi suite of course, his company treats him well. As she drops her bag on the king sized bed, she chuckles to herself, thinking how easy it was to get the room key. With a little explaining, her ID, and a knowing grin from the gentleman behind the desk, she had no problem at all.

Meg sits down on the bed, putting her feet up, thinking about her plans for the evening. She closes her green eyes and her mind drifts away, thinking about how she’s going to show him how much she’s missed him the past week. She misses his grin, his cologne, his touch. It’s been a fast moving 18 months with him, and in all that time, they had never been apart for more than a night or two. She grinned remembering the first time they were apart, how they attacked each other that night. Clothes flying, moaning, hot and sweaty, it was definitely a night to remember.

As she thinks about him, her hand slides up the slit in her sundress, until her hand reaches her black lacey panties. She has been insatiable all week. Each night after hanging up the phone with him, she finds herself incredibly turned on, unable to think of anything else but him as she pleases herself. Meg’s fingers brush across her thigh, her other hand slides across her chest, nipples already hard. Her fingers slide under her panties, her skin soft and smooth. She shifts her position on the bed, opening her legs, allowing her index finger to easily confirm how badly she wants him. Just as a soft moan escapes her lips, her cell phone rings and she jumps, not expecting the intrusion. With a glance at the clock, Meg realizes Chad is calling her as he does every evening, just after his final meeting of the day.

She answers the phone, eager to hear his voice, barely able to contain her excitement. They share the usual “how was your day” conversation, and that he’s eager to come home soon. He explains that he’ll call her later, that he has to finish some paperwork before returning to the hotel. She hangs up the phone, realizing she has less than an hour to get everything done before he gets there.

She unpacks a few things, places candles throughout the suite, lighting them, noticing how soft and enticing the room becomes. She pulls out a few dishes, containing all kinds of finger foods, from pickles and olives, to meats and cheeses, to fruits and vegetables. She then chills a bottle of his favorite wine, before she slips out of her clothes and into the shower.

After she showers, she heads to the Jacuzzi tub, to run a hot bath for him. She fixes her hair and makeup, and then slips into his favorite black lacey teddy. After turning on some soft music, she reclines on the bed, waiting for him.

She can hear him at the door; she is as nervous and giddy as a teenager. The door opens, and she can see the surprised look on his face, his eyes take in the room, finally finding her on the bed. “Baby!” Chad exclaims, as he heads towards her, dropping everything in his hands on the floor. He grabs her hand, pulling her to him, wrapping his arms around her, just holding her, taking in her scent, the softness of her skin. Pulling back, he looks at her, his hand caresses her face and he leans in for a kiss, soft and gentle at first, then more passionate and demanding. His hands slide down her back, cupping her bottom, pulling her to him, pressing himself against her. She softly moans, “Oh Chad, I’ve missed you,” knowing how badly she wants him, but knowing that she wants to wait till later. Leaving his left hand on her bottom, he slides his other hand around, over her breasts, feeling her nipples harden. He moves his hand under the nightie, when she reluctantly pulls back, wagging her finger, “Not yet, Chad.” He groans, and then pulls her to him again, his passion rising even more, wanting her so badly at that moment. She wriggles away, and then slyly tells him she has other plans for him. He grins, knowing he’s going to like this.

She helps him undress, and then leads him to the Jacuzzi tub. She lets him settle, allowing him to relax. She grabs a sponge, and begins to massage his body, enjoying his soft moans, loving how innocent he looks when he’s relaxed with his eyes shut, almost boy-like. Not wanting him to relax too much, she slides her hand down his stomach, her hand finding him still turned on. He jumps a little, then grins when he hears her giggle. She slowly strokes her hand up and down the length of him, leaning in to kiss him. His hand again tugs at her nightie, and she reaches back for a towel, not yet wanting to give in to her lust for him.

After she playfully dries him off, he wraps the towel around his waist, and she leads him to the bed. After pouring each of them a drink, and grabbing the food, she sits next to him on the bed and they enjoy one another’s company, talking, eating, drinking…playfully teasing one another. She grabs a strawberry, drags it thru the whipped cream and leans in to feed it to him. Just as she reaches his mouth, she “misses”, getting the cream on his lips, then puts the berry in his mouth. She giggles, and he grabs her, pulling her to him, he kisses her, smearing strawberry and whipped cream on her face. They begin to kiss, playful teasing kisses, become more passionate. His hand reaches again for her breasts, wanting to feel, to see. She is enjoying his kisses, his caresses, she becomes totally lost. Her mind focuses again, and she pulls back, moving the food items from the bed. He watches her, thinking he can’t possibly handle waiting another moment; he has to have her now.

She turns to the bed, knowing how badly she wants him. Her eyes travel from his face, down his chest, pausing at his waist, seeing where the towel is being pushed away from his body. She kneels on the bed, his hands slide up the back of her thighs, grabbing her ass, pulling her to him. He leans in, kissing up her stomach, beneath her breasts, sucking one nipple, then the other, thru the material of her nightie. He gently pushes her on her back. She watches him, his hands sliding up under the black lacey material, feeling her soft, smooth skin. He rolls over beside her, his hand finding her nipples, as he leans in for another kiss. Her hands in his hair, pulling him to her, sucking on his lower lip, her body squirms beneath his touch. He wants to feel her skin next to his. He reaches for his towel, tosses it aside, as she pulls the black material over her head and drops it on the floor.

She rolls over next to him, she loves being in his arms, feeling his chest. She kisses him, licking his lips, softly sucking his tongue into her mouth, as her hand slides down his stomach, finding him already hard. Her hand slides up and down his shaft, as she trails kisses across his chin, down his neck, his collarbone, sucking his earlobes into her mouth.

She slides between his legs, her hand still slowly moving up and down his hardness. She leans in, licking from the base to the top, swirling her tongue around the head, then back down again. She positions herself over him, and takes him all the way into her mouth. She can hear his grown, as he pulls her hair aside so he can watch. She moves up and down, her tongue licking and teasing him, sucking harder, then softer. She slides her hand between his legs, gently massaging his smooth balls as she continues on him, making him even harder. She can tell he’s close, his legs tense…she moves faster, feeling him swell as he releases, he groans, his hips moving upwards, tightening his grip on her hair. His body goes limp, as he pulls her to him, holding and kissing her, knowing he’s going to have her squirming all over the bed in a little bit.

He leans over her, kissing her lips, her jaw, down her neck. Knowing how sensitive that spot is for her, he takes extra time, licking and sucking and nibbling, and then he continues down her chest, licking and sucking each nipple. He moves down her body, his hands sliding down her legs, he begins kissing up her legs, until he’s there. He leans in, kissing one thigh, kissing across her soft lips, his tongue teasing but not quite going inside. He hears her sigh, hears as she begins breathing faster. He slides one finger inside her, a deeper moan escapes her mouth, as he can feel how turned on she is. As he moves his finger in and out, he leans down, parting her lips, his tongue teasing her, moving up and down, side to side. Her hips begin to move against his tongue, as he uses his hands to open her before him, he licks and teases harder and faster, and just as he knows she’s close, he slows down. He glances up at her, her hand has moved to her chest, fingers rubbing her nipples. He continues to bring her close until she’s almost ready, then slows down. He loves feeling her squirm beneath him; he has to hold her so she doesn’t move away. He brings her closer yet again…her moans so very loud, he doesn’t care if the next room can hear or not. Her hips grinding against his face, her hand on the back of his head, he knows she’s close, her body shudders as she comes, screaming his name, her body writhing, he can barely hold her still.

He slides up next to her, as she curls up next to him. Her face flushed. He brushes her hair back, softly kissing her cheek, her nose. His lips meet hers for a soft kiss. He holds her, caressing her skin. They kiss, the passion again rising. She rolls over on top of him; he loves the feel of her soft, warm body against him. His hands slide down her back, cupping her ass, pushing himself up against her, as she grinds against him, feeling him harden again as they kiss. She leans back and pushes herself up over him, then slowly lowers herself onto him. They both moan, loving how it feels.

She slowly moves up and down on him as he watches as her breasts bounce, their eyes locked on each another. She leans back, as he uses his finger on her sensitive clit, moving in slow circles. Before long, her moans become louder, he knows she’s going to cum. He thrusts up into her just as she cums, her shaking body collapses on him. He can feel her muscles gripping and relaxing around him. He immediately rolls her over, and he’s on top. She grins because she loves him on top, she loves watching him move, and she loves watching him cum. He moves slowly, as she tightens around him, enjoying how hard he feels. He leans forward, bracing himself, and leans in for a kiss. She wraps her legs around him tightly, moving in rhythm with him. His thrusts quicken, he leans back and raises her legs, holding them as he thrusts into her. He tells her he wants her to cum again…she moans louder, knowing it won’t be long. A few more thrusts and she’s moaning louder, telling him she’s ready. Just as the waves of another orgasm wash over her, he releases, cumming hard.
He collapses next to her, pulling her to him. She curls up next to him, nuzzling her nose in the crook of his neck, as she throws one leg over his. He leans down, kissing her softly on the forehead. As they both relax, he hears her breathy voice, “oh, I forgot,” she giggles, “surprise!!” He grins, “Thank you, babe, just what I needed.” He holds her close as they drift off to sleep.